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    Environmental Media Services is a nonprofit communications clearinghouse dedicated to expanding media coverage of critical environmental and public health issues. EMS regularly brings together experts from academic, government, business, science, medical and public interest communities for extended briefings with journalists on controversial and/or emerging environmental and public health issues. The organization was founded in 1994 by former Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated journalist Arlie Schardt, who also headed the Environmental Defense Fund in the 1970s.
    EcoNet offers news briefs and discussion forums.
    GuideStar is a searchable database of more than 620,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States. is a great starting place for non-profit life: job listings, resources for non-profits, etc.
    Circle of Life Foundation networks individuals and communities to solve problems. They are currently involved in several Native American issues.
    EarthShare is a federation of America's leading non-profit environmental and conservation charities.
    National Parks and Conservation Association protects and enhances America's National Park System through public education.
    The W. Alton Jones Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation focusing on global environmental protection and the prevention of nuclear war or other massive release of radioactive material.
    The Conservation Law Foundation is New England's environmental advocacy organization. They use legal tactics to bring about change, and also advise local organizations on how to fight for their rights.

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