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    The Environmental Careers Organization's mission is to protect and enhance the environment through the develoment of professionals, the promotion of careers, and the inspiration of individual action.
    Green Dream Jobs listings by Job and internship listings for people with business skills.
    GuideStar helps link people with non-profits that need them. has a searchable database of jobs, internships, and volunteer positions.
    GameWarden TV's state-by-state listing of government departments (Fish and Game, Wildlife, etc.).
    Americorps is a national service program. 40,000 people each year get involved in community service all over the country.
    The Sustainable Business Network has a research library and also has job listings.
    Cool Works has job listings for national and state parks, camps, and other outdoor work.
    Summer lets you search for environmental summer jobs. The search feature is fast!
    American Forests' internship page. Internships are mostly research positions at their Washington, D.C. office.
    The Science and Environmental Policy Project's internship page. SEPP does research on scientific issues, especially climate issues, and are looking for applicants with a strong background in science and computers, as well as excellent writing and typing skills.
    Environmental Career Opportunites lists environmental jobs by category and also has an internship listing.
    Public Policy Associates does research on a variety of environmental and economic issues and has job and internship opportunities listed online.
    Center for Oceanic Research and Education's intern page. Summer interns accompany researchers on whale watching vessels and help collect data.
    Student Conservation Association has listings for volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities in national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, urban greenways, and wildlands managed by non-profits.
    Geoscience Job Listing
    Geo Job Source Website
    Office of Personnel Services (list of government jobs)
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection
     Northwest Environment Watch has research-based internships in their office in Seattle.
    The Little Traverse Conservancy's intern page. Internships focus on conservation and resource protection, land-use planning, and environmental education.

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